WonderSlim 101: Even Just a Little Weight Loss Yields Big Benefits

WonderSlim 101: Even Just a Little Weight Loss Yields Big Benefits
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WonderSlim 101: Even Just a Little Weight Loss Yields Big Benefits

When you're getting started (or re-started) on a weight loss goal, discouragement can seem like it's always lurking right behind you. Fortunately, there's good news. Those small results that don't seem like real progress actually are, according to science.

Small Change, Big Gains

We know the benefits of getting to a healthy weight. It's why we started in the first place. That's great and everything, but for many, that may be a destination far off. Recent studies, however, are showing that losing just 5% of your body weight can do a lot for your health.

At a 5% decrease in weight, you'll start decreasing overall body fat. Most importantly, you'll also be decreasing visceral fat (the more dangerous type) and liver fat. In addition, the researchers have found that this reduction in weight also impacted risk factors for type 2 diabetes and coronary heart disease.

While you may not notice much in the mirror, your body will feel substantial improvements. Other benefits linked to a 5% weight loss are reduced cholesterol levels, blood pressure and insulin sensitivity.

Reasons to Celebrate

Previously, experts had thought that at least a 10% reduction in body weight was needed for health improvement. 5% is a much more reasonable goal that can help you hit a real milestone, which ultimately helps motivate you for more milestones. The good news is that hitting 10 or 15% weight loss will bring deeper improvements in blood pressure and LDL "bad" cholesterol levels.

Now, a scale that shows just a few pounds of change should feel like an accomplishment instead of a failure. Just remember all of the benefits to your health that can be had pound by pound, including these:

Easy Ways to Get Started

Here are a few of our most simple dieting tips to get the small gains you need to see health benefits.

  1. Use the practical mental tip of delaying, not denying yourself when tempted to eat unhealthy. Read the article
  2. Instead of looking at a diet as stopping something, try approaching it as starting a habit. Read the article
  3. Go for low-hanging fruit by cutting out stress eating with these tips. Read the article
  4. Try a short, 3-Day Diet like the WonderSlim EasyStart to give a quick boost to your efforts. Learn more
May 5, 2017