Answers to Common Questions About the WonderSlim Diet

Answers to Common Questions About the WonderSlim Diet
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Answers to Common Questions About the WonderSlim Diet

We've put together a few answers to help WonderSlim newbies (or soon-to-be!) with some of the more technical frequently asked questions they may have about using WonderSlim foods and the WonderSlim Weight Management Program.

Q: I am reading through what to consume on the WonderSlim Premium plan and wondering if I consume all of the products listed for each meal, or do I choose just one?

A: On the Premium plan, you will have all the products listed unless it says “or.” As an example, for the daily breakfast meal on the Women’s Premium Plan you'll have a Meal Replacement and Breakfast item in addition to one of the healthy grocery product categories from the three categories listed, using the Shopping List guide included with every plan.

Here is a line-item example of a day on the Women's Premium plan of the categories, and below that, an example menu of foods for that day.

Checklist view: types of items to consume on a WonderSlim Premium Plan day:

WonderSlim Premium Plan example day with food/meal items:

Q: What's the difference between WonderSlim meal replacements/meal replacement bars and snack products on the diet plans?

A: When it comes to following the plan, Meal Replacement/Nutrition Bars (labeled WS114) should be counted as a WonderSlim Bar or WonderSlim Snack, not a WonderSlim Meal Replacement. This is because Meal Replacement Nutrition Bars are not nutritionally comparable to our Pudding/Shakes as they are higher in calories and carbohydrates. The Meal Replacement Bars can be used as meal replacements during the maintenance phase after completion of the plan, however.

To put it simply, any type of WonderSlim bar (whether it is a snack bar, fiber bar, gourmet bar, meal replacement bar, etc.) is considered a 'bar' on the plan and should be consumed only when the plan guide indicates a WonderSlim Bar or WonderSlim Snack item (like for the daily Afternoon Snack meal).

Items that qualify as WonderSlim Meal Replacements on the Meal Plans all must have 100 calories, 15 grams of protein, and additional vitamins and minerals. The following products can be counted as WonderSlim Meal Replacements when tracking with any of our plans.

Meal Replacements: All Pudding/Shakes, Smoothies, Tomato Soup, Berry Blast Fruit Drink.

Lastly, our WonderSlim Snacks are lower-calorie, high-protein foods that offer incredible taste and are designed to help keep your daily progress on the Meal Plans for the long stretch between lunch and dinner, or used for post-plan maintenance in a pinch.

Q: WonderSlim's portion-controlled, high protein approach uses a Calcium Caseinate protein. How is that different from whey protein?

A: We use medical grade Calcium Caseinate, which is similar to whey protein but absorbs more slowly. This functions to help make you feel fuller for a longer period of time.

For a more in-depth overview of how this protein is used and how it works to help keep you feeling full, longer, check out our post here.

Q: I need help choosing the right WonderSlim plan between Basic, Core and Premium. What are the main differences between the plans?

A: While the Basic, Core and Premium diet kits all offer customization, more WonderSlim meal/entree and dessert categories are available to choose from in the Core and Premium kits. In Basic Kits, you can select from our popular meal replacement shakes, snack bars and snacks. Core plans offer additional selections from our diet lunch entree category. Premium brings the most customization potential and allows you to also select from WonderSlim breakfast foods and desserts. Each plan is available in either a 2 or 4 week option, offering great flexibility for both budgets and lifestyles.

See the chart below for a visual overview of what's included with each plan.

Please note that the Basic, Core and Premium indications for meal plans refer to the varying levels of WonderSlim foods available to choose from, not a potential amount of weight loss. No WonderSlim plan is designed to achieve a different level of results than the others.

Q: Does WonderSlim put your body into 'Ketosis' for weight loss?

A: In short, no (and for a reason). You may have heard many diets referred to as "ketogenic diets" that say they are a magic solution for quick and dramatic weight loss results. Ketosis is a metabolic process that occurs when there is not enough blood sugar to be utilized for energy. The body is forced to turn to breaking down stored fats to meet basic energy needs. Unfortunately, ketosis can be medically dangerous and can not be maintained in the long term, potentially leading to a regaining of any weight lost.

The WonderSlim program is dietitian-reviewed to help lose weight using a healthier and long-term approach. WonderSlim plans uses calorie and portion-controlled foods combined with healthy dinners that include all of the food groups. On the plan, you eat every 2 to 3 hours, which keeps blood sugar levels stable and decreases cravings. The plan also helps develop healthy eating, shopping and meal planning habits as part of a lifestyle, not simply the short-term.

Learn more about ketosis and how WonderSlim works in this article written by a registered dietitian who reviewed the WonderSlim diet plan, here.

Click here to watchhow one WonderSlim customer believes the plan's healthy dinner component helped her achieve better, healthier results.

Q: I'm really interested in your products, but I want to try them before committing to a full diet kit. What can I purchase just to try your products or the plan itself?

We recommend our 3-Day Starter Kit. This kit provides you with 21 meals (9 Meal Replacement Shakes, 3 Breakfasts, 3 Lunches, 3 Snacks, 3 Desserts) an easy-to-follow daily tracker and meal guide, shaker bottle, and is covered by our 150% guarantee.

You can learn more about the "EasyStart" kit here.

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October 22, 2017