Why Allergen-Friendly Pea Protein Chips Are a Supersnack

Why Allergen-Friendly Pea Protein Chips Are a Supersnack
Posted on April 20, 2017: Health & Nutrition

Get all the benefits of a high-protein snack, with the added benefits of vegan, hypoallergenic, easily digested and environmentally-friendlier pea protein

High protein snacks are a staple for people looking to lose weight, build muscle, or lead an active lifestyle. With an ever-increasing shift to plant-based diets and a focus on food sensitivities, the non-dairy pea protein is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to whey, egg or soy-based proteins. Pea protein is also one of the rare vegetable protein sources that does not have labelling or GMO issues, and it's produced from an environmentally-friendly, sustainable crop.

Enter our new Snackergy® Pea Protein Snack Chips. They're a great new alternative for healthy snacking with all the benefits of pea protein. While that list of unique features seems nearly endless, the bottom line is that pea protein tends to be well digested by most people, with less chance of bloating, especially if you have various food allergies or are lactose intolerant.

Our Pea Protein Snack Chips are a light, crunchy way to get a generous 15g of protein per serving. If you're watching fat, carbs or sugar, you're also in luck, as there are only 4g of fat, 4g net carbs and just 1g of sugar in each gluten-free serving.

Additional Benefits of Pea Protein

While being easier to digest and avoiding food sensitivity issues is the most noticeable reason to go for pea protein, there are several other health benefits, according to advocates and research studies such as:

  • Lysine content: an essential amino acid, it helps aid in the body's process of converting fat into energy. In addition, it plays a role in healthy connective tissues such as cartilage and tendons.
  • Arginine content: an essential amino acid that helps in the building of muscle, pea protein contains three times more than other proteins.
  • Blood glucose control: a study by the University of Toronto found that blood sugar levels stayed lower than they normally would after various meals and the trial supported the use of pea as an ingredient that can improve glycemic control.
  • Supports heart health: Several studies have found that plant-based protein (vs. animal-based) may decrease the risk of coronary heart disease over time, as well as a decrease in blood pressure from a pea protein study in rats.

Plant-Based Protein + Delicious Seasoning = Supersnack

While you could use a powder to get the benefits of pea protein, your taste buds will probably much appreciate experiencing it in one of our three vegan pea protein snack flavors; Chili Lime, Big Nacho, Summer Barbecue (or try the variety pack). If you're looking to find a filling new healthy snack, or need an extra boost to get through the afternoon between meals as part of a healthy weight loss plan, this may be the perfect snack for you.

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