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Bariatric Fusion Chewy Vitamin & Mineral Supplement, Tropical

Bariatric Fusion Chewy Vitamin & Mineral Supplement, Tropical

Price: $26.99

Availability: Out of stock

Bariatric Fusion Chewy Vitamin & Mineral Supplement, Tropical

Price: $26.99

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  • Custom Vitamin and Mineral Supplement for the Adult Bariatric Patient
  • Low Carb - 2g Net Carbs*
  • Contains Both Calcium Carbonate and Calcium Citrate
  • Designed by a Team of Medical Professionals
  • Cost Effective - No Other Supplements Needed
  • Vitamin B12 in the Most Readily Available Form - Methylcobalamin
  • All Minerals in Chelated Form (For Better Absorption)
  • Low Sugar - Less Than 1 gram per Serving
  • No Vitamin K to Interfere with Anti-Coagulants

*g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols



An enjoyable blend of tropical flavors combines with an advanced vitamin and mineral formula designed by a bariatric surgical team to make these low-carb chewables a great way to help avoid potentially harmful nutrient deficiencies while you are following your weight loss plan. Packed with easy to absorb key micronutrients and two forms of calcium, this formula is a great choice for individuals seeking a higher quality daily supplement.


Gastric Bypass: Chew 1 tablet, 4x daily. Adjustable Gastric Band: Chew 2 tablets daily., Sleeve Gastrectomy: Chew 1 tablet, 3x daily


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8 Customer Reviews

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Taste Great
by Samantha on 4/23/2013
I really like this chewable vitamin. I have the Strawberry and Orange Cream Flavor and like the both. I highly recommend them.
great product
by healthylife on 4/4/2013
I am having gastric sleeve surgery and they recommend this vitamin. They actually have a pretty good taste and being chewable is great. This vitamin is all complete especially for bariatric patients; this is the only vitamin you will need.
by OneyrpostopRNY on 9/24/2011
These are the best bariatric vitamins I have used..no after taste SUPER easy to remember and my labs have been PERFECT! My favorite are the berry flavored!
Best Vitamin and Best Value
by KBURG on 8/5/2011
I would highly recommend Fusion to anyone. The taste is better then the others I've tried and my blood work is always perfect. The Mixed Berry is my favorite. 4 a day is all I need!
No gritty texture after chew or chalky taste with Fusion vitamins.
by ConnieG on 11/15/2010
So happy I tried Fusion fuel 4 life vitamins. I was skipping my doctor's post op prescribed vitamin intake due to the gritty texture after chewing the recommended vitamins from his office. I am so glad I ordered the Fusion orange cream flavor. They taste great and I no longer dread my daily vitamin intake. I highly recommend them!
best flavor i have tried
by sally on 2/10/2011
I have tried Bariatric Advantage and this one tastes a whole lot better but the nutrients are lower so I use one of each per day and that seems to keep my numbers up and is making my doc happy. I have tried the strawberry one so far, I am thinking about trying orange next.
I need them, so I take them.
by syoung on 2/1/2011
The berry flavor is most palatable; but they are still chalky. I let the tablet melt in my mouth for a while to keep from having to swallow as much of the grit as possible. These really need to be in another form - like gel capsules, liquid, or gummy. I recommended them to my friend, who also had by-pass, only because they are necessary.
by kate on 2/28/2011
Stick with Celebrate chewables! This bottle of chewables tastes like gritty dirty with a metalic bitter taste before and after.

It made me want to puke.

Not to mention the values aren't as high as Celebrate so you have to take more than you can stomach all day.

YUK! (Updated on 3/1/2011.) (Updated on 3/1/2011.)