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Bariatric Advantage High Protein Meal Replacement, Orange Cream (55oz)

Bariatric Advantage High Protein Meal Replacement, Orange Cream (55oz)
Item #: BAHPMR35

Price: $69.95

Availability: In stock

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Bariatric Advantage High Protein Meal Replacement, Orange Cream (55oz)

Price: $69.95

In stock


  • High Protein - 27 grams Per Serving
  • Low Carb - 5g Net Carbs*
  • Enriched with 24 Vitamins and Minerals
  • Low Fat - 2 grams Per Serving
  • Low Sugar - 2 grams Per Serving
  • High Fiber - 5 grams Per Serving
  • Just 160 Calories Per Serving
  • No Gluten Containing Ingredients
  • Use as a Meal Replacement Shake for Breakfast, Lunch or Dinner
  • Protein is From 100% High Quality Whey Protein Isolate
  • Easily Mixes with Water
  • Great for weight loss prior to bariatric surgery

*g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols

A refreshing change from ordinary meal replacement shakes, this high protein, low-carb, gluten-free treat from Bariatric Advantage will remind you of those frozen orange cream treats on a stick that you enjoyed when you were young. With an impressive 27 grams of protein per serving and just 2 grams of sugar, this product is a great choice for pre-surgical bariatric surgical candidates who need to reduce liver volume and post-surgical bariatric patients who require a high protein meal replacement without excess sugar. Complete with 5 grams of fiber, a wide variety of vitamins and minerals and only 160 calories in two rounded scoops, this Bariatric Advantage High Protein Meal Replacement Shake mix fits well into any weight loss plan.


Add 2 rounded scoops (42 grams) of powder to 8 oz of cold water. Mix in a shaker cup or blender until dissolved.

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24 Customer Reviews

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Bariatric Advantage Meal Replacement Shakes
by Dano on 10/20/2011
The Chocolate is awesome I have had the Chocolate hot and cold its great. The orange is also a great flavor it is the way to drop weight.
Bariatric Advantage
by L Bradshaw on 3/9/2012
Since most bariatric patients are unable to eat breakfast, this is the ideal breakfast substitute. Has all the nutritioal values and is delicious and so easy to use. Plus the service is out standing.
by SweetSue on 4/11/2012
I ordered the vanilla. Mixes well, great taste and satisfying. I mix with different frozen fruits which makes it like a smoothie, very yummy. Using as a meal replacement lost 4 lbs. the first week.
Love this product
by SarahT on 5/20/2011
I bought the chocolate, strawberry and vanilla flavors. They are all great! The vanilla one tastes like a real milkshake. I use 1 cup of either unsweetened almond or coconut milk in all three flavors. The longer you mix it, the thicker it gets. I drink one shake every morning. It's a great way to get all that protein and low calories.
This product works!!!!!!
by pattyb on 8/30/2012
I am 5yrs post op, and I use this in my coffee in the morning. I do 2 cups of coffee and I put a scoop in each one. Depending on your taste you many not need to add any creamer. I'm a hazelnut freak, so I add the sugar free hazelnut creamer. I also use this with my tropical shake. I am holding my weight without a lot of limitations because of this product. I have tried many different brands, this one definitely stands out. Any of the Bariatric Advantage Brand products are great!!!!!!!!!! You can email me if you have any questions, or would like any of my shake recipes at [email protected] Subject. Bariatric Advantage and I will respond.
by [email protected] on 7/19/2011
I am just winding up my second week of 5 shakes a day. I say with sincere sincerity this product is the best on the market. I did change things because I am not a fan of very thick drinks. With the ok of my doctor, I have made several different flavors, while adding no fat of calories, which helped with my boredom of no food. LOL If I had to pick my favorite flavor I could not do it. All were equally great tasting, mixes in a shaker with no lumps. I enjoyed mine over ice.

I used 8 oz. of skim milk and 8 oz. of water OR 8 oz. of non-carbinated sugar-free soda. I found it at Aldi's

P.S. I wasn't hungry even once!!!
This helped me through post sleeve gastrectromy.
by det on 8/30/2012
I have tried both chocolate and vanilla flavors of the meal replacement. I really like the taste. I added some flavored extracts to both flavors and this added a little more variety. Drinking meal replacement was the easiest way to meet my protein requirements after sleeve gastrectomy. Meal replacement really helped me through the first few weeks after my surgery!
Pleasantly surprised!!
by mautie on 10/6/2011
Let me say for one thing..I was incredibly hesitant on purchasing this product. Since I like to play things safe, I purchased the Vanilla flavor first to try it out. Let me tell you that I was incredibly surprised at how great tasting the Vanilla flavor is!! It's almost having a McD shake. To me, it has no aftertaste whatsoever. I'm glad I purchased it. I'm going to try chocolate next.
This ones the Best!
by EJG on 8/30/2012
I have used this product for 9 mo. This is the best of all the many protein drinks I have tried. Chocolate taste without the chalkiness/ aftertaste of other brands. My doctors office no longer carries this brand-but BC does! Thanks!
New Twist
by Eileen on 1/21/2012
After starting my 2 week liquid only diet for pre-op, I was getting bored with the choc, vanilla, and strawberry shakes. They taste great, but 35 shakes later....blah~! I love Crystal Light fruit punch so I decided to mix the vanilla w/the fruit punch water and it was awesome! Shake went down great! I made my pitcher of crystal light according to the directions and then just used 8 oz of crystal light in lieu of plain water, mixed in 2 scoops of vanilla, and blended. I have many other flavors of crystal light and can't wait to try more!! Hope you try and enjoy.
Thick and very good
by SMR on 3/24/2012
I am 2 years post sleeve gastrectomy and my weight has been stable. But I want to lose some more weight. I tried other protein shakes but they didn't hold off the hunger. I remembered that I tried this pre and post op and decided to try again. I am pleased. I sometimes add almond extract or a half of bananna to change up the taste. But I like the taste anyway. I am trying some of the other products.
I love BA Chocolate
by Tigerlily on 4/18/2012
I am 2 years out from a gastric by-pass. I have tried every protein there is out there. In fact I have a box full of protein I can't drink. I had given up and was just trying to get all my protein in via food. That is until I found Bariatric Advantage Chocolate. I have been told that I only need to drink 1 a day, but I can't help myself I have to have at least 2 a day. I make it with skim milk and ice so it is almost like a frosty. My Dr. does sell it from his office, but it is so popular they have problems keeping it in stock.
Chocolate is great!
by Kristin on 2/21/2013
I had the chocolate meal replacement shake before surgery and after and i love how creamy and consistent it is. it mixes pretty easy and doesn't separate if refrigerated. I like it alot!! Great if mixed with a ripe banana!!
I love this. Great taste.
by Julie on 4/1/2013
I think the Orange Cream is terrific. It is very smooth & has a great taste.
Great product!
by Odile on 2/27/2015
I started to buy this product last August after seeing a picture of myself that horrified me. I did not want to buy into a program, I wanted some help.
I drink a shake every morning, and sometimes if I have gone out to a restaurant the day before, I also do one at night. Without starving myself I have lost 40 lbs.
I tried other shakes and was very disappointed they were too watery and left me feeling hungry something I don't experience with this product.
For months I only bought the orange flavor. Put it in the blender and let blend for several minutes until it is nice and thick. It fills a 16 oz cup. It is very filling and I do not feel the need to eat for 4 hours.
I have also experimented with the vanilla flavor using 1/2 cup of coffee and 1/2 cup of water, it makes a great shake. Lately I have been adding frozen berries to vary the flavors.
I make sure to eat 4 times a day, at least 2 meals and 2 snacks.
Right now I am on a plateau, but I am sure I will start losing again.
Diet direct is reliable, I usually receive my order within 3 days without extra shipping cost.. I tried to buy an assortment of flavors directly from Bariatric Advantage it took 2 weeks to get it.

* Results not typical. Weight loss will vary for each person based on their individual weight, metabolism, age, activity level and commitment to their plan.
Very impressed
by Stefanie on 12/21/2017
This is my second purchase of this brand, but first time from bariatric choice. I’m super impressed how quickly I received my item. I ordered it Tuesday and received it on Thursday!! Plus, it’s $10 cheaper than on Amazon. I’m a big fan of this protein powder, Its definitely worth paying a little extra $. You get what you pay for. I’ve had chocolate and orange, and they are both delicious.
Good flavor
by Tracy on 9/2/2013
This has a really good flavor that is not too overpowering
Good flavor
by Denise on 3/21/2014
I don't like orange but it's more a dreamcicle flavor. Good
Tastes great!
by Karen on 4/19/2016
I've been trying to find a protein shake that I like for the last few weeks for my upcoming surgery. This one fits the bill! Tastes like a creamcicle!
Ok but watch out with strawberry
by Cristina on 7/25/2011
Ok so I had to buy this for a pre op diet and this is my first protein so keep that in mind. The chocolate is ok... it is kind of like a chocolate milkshake or chocolate milk. The strawberry I was gung-ho about until I realized it taste like strawberry milk which I hate. So beware if you don't like creamy strawberry tastes you will hate it but if you like it go for it.
Not the best tasting shake
by SK on 11/28/2011
The price is good, but just to stomach it I have to add 2 splendas, cinnamon, and some flavored syrup. Compared to optifast which is way more expensive but actually tastes good. Just hoping I get used to these because they are priced right lol!
Not bad
by Toni on 11/13/2016
I tried the Orange Cream flavor with lactate milk and it wasn't bad at all! In fact I will buy this one again. I am going to try it mixed with water to see if it tastes any different, but so far it's a winner. It mixes very well with the Blender shaker cup I bought with the wired ball. I think the ball makes the difference in how well it mixes, no grit or chalky taste.
consistency is offputting
by Georges on 10/5/2013
I got the iced latte flavor because it was high rated - but its a little phony and candy like - but that could be tolerated. What can't be is the consistency - like you mixed 5 oz of pond algae and 5 oz of boogersnot together in a glass. I first tried it with thick soy milk...if you flip the spoon over it takes a full 2 seconds to fall off! The only thing you'll mix this with is water and still the gooey consistency will probably gross you out. How am I going to make it through 30 more servings?
Not a meal replacement
by Terry on 2/13/2014
I have had three different meal replacements. This does not come to close to any of those. The 8 oz water mixture is watery and about half the volume of other meal replacements I have used.