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Bariatric Advantage Chewable Iron 18mg with Vitamin C, Strawberry (90ct)

Bariatric Advantage Chewable Iron 18mg with Vitamin C, Strawberry (90ct)
Item #: BAIRON1890

Price: $24.15

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Bariatric Advantage Chewable Iron 18mg with Vitamin C, Strawberry (90ct)

Price: $24.15

In stock


  • Contains Vitamin C and FOS For Easier Absorption
  • Pleasing Strawberry Flavor

Iron is an essential mineral that relies heavily on adequate contact with stomach acid for absorption in the digestive tract. For this reason, many patients who have undergone gastric bypass surgeries develop iron deficiency. In a state of iron deficiency, it is best to supplement iron separately from other minerals to reduce competition for absorption. Calcium, for example, can impair the absorption of iron. Our chewable iron is made from a special very soluble form that has almost no iron taste- in fact, most people who taste it can't believe it's iron at all. This formula also contains vitamin C and FOS, which have been shown to support iron absorption.


Take 1 tablet daily or as directed by your physician.

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11 Customer Reviews

Set Ascending Direction
by Linda K. on 4/28/2011
Flavorful way to have to take iron. I was just told I am anemic and told to go on an iron and C regimen. I have chewable C vitamins that are good...and then I find this instead of those awful tasting iron pills (the normal one in the stores). This is definitely the way to go to get needed iron!!
great iron supplement
by JenJen on 7/5/2011
This is a great iron supplement. It doesn't taste too "iron-y" and it doesn't upset my stomach since it is a pretty low dose. I had problems with extremely low iron about a year after GB surgery and had to have iron infusions. This supplement has kept my iron levels normal after that. I would definitely recommend!
by TLNys on 9/19/2011
Super easy to take, great flavor. This is a delightful change to the "gag-me" iron of the past.
Love this vitamin
by jgonza on 12/1/2011
I love the taste and that it is chewable. I would recommend this to my friends.
Great way to get your iron
by Melissa on 3/6/2013
I have a history of anemia prior to my gastric bypass, therefore this product is an easy way to ensure I get what I need everyday. I love the flavor. It's easy to take and keeps my iron levels where they need to be.
Great Taste, easy on the pouch
by Jason on 11/24/2013
Have history of anemia since post op... I had problems with extremely low iron about a year after GB surgery. Other iron sub tabs tabs seemed to always make my pouch have discomfort. Good taste, and no problems now I take my Iron regularly. Blood numbers stay in the good OK range.
Suprisingly Tasty!!
by Tracy Ann on 1/24/2014
These iron tablets to my surprise were very tasty, easy to break down while chewing, don't have that "irony" aftertaste (as long as you drink water with it!). The strawberry flavor is very pleasant. I definitely recommend them!
by Sharon on 2/6/2014
I had bariatric surgery 10 years ago and have taken chewable iron since my recovery. I have never had a problem or low hemoglobin . The taste is not too bad and doesn't upset my stomach.
Sweet and Simple
by Shanz on 7/23/2014
Iron has always upset my stomach and I have avoided multi-vitamins with Iron for years. Jaclyn suggested I give this chewable lower dose a chance and sure enough it worked for me! Love the taste, the pill is small and my energy levels have started to go up. My doctor was happy to FINALLY see my iron levels up.
Chewable Iron
by JillD on 7/6/2011
I love this iron, but if you don't eat with it you can taste it. Solution? Chew it then eat your breakfast!
Disintigrating Tablets
by M on 3/6/2012
This product disintegrated in my pill case and made all the other daily meds in the compartment unusable.