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Bariatric Advantage 250mg Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites, Caramel (60ct)

Bariatric Advantage 250mg Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites, Caramel (60ct)

Price: $13.95

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Bariatric Advantage 250mg Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites, Caramel (60ct)

Price: $13.95

In stock


  • Delivers 250 mg of Calcium Citrate in a Delicious Chew
  • Contain 125 IU of Vitamin D3 for Healthy Absorption
  • Sugar-Free

Are you bored with taking tablets or capsules to meet your daily calcium requirement? Step up to tastier way to get the absorbable calcium your body needs with delicious caramels that you'll look forward to taking. Each of these low-carb treats delivers 250 mg of calcium citrate and 125 IU of absorption boosting vitamin D3 to make sure that your calcium levels are where they belong for healthy bones and strong muscles.

Although these caramel calcium citrate chews are sugar-free, you'll feel like you're having dessert every time you take one. Each bag contains 60 individually wrapped chews. To meet a 1500 mg calcium citrate requirement involves consuming 6 delicious chews a day. NOTE: one bag lasts 10 days if you are taking that required daily amount... we suggest that you order 3 bags for a 30 day supply, or 9 bags for a 90 day supply.


Take as directed by your doctor.

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169 Customer Reviews

Set Ascending Direction
A very tasty supplement that I look forward to taking.
by Catness on 8/23/2009
I have tried both the chocolate and lemon chewy bites and am pleasantly surprised. Both are quite tasty (though myself and my two test subjects agreed that the lemon is slighty more enjoyable). You might have to take 4 to 6 bites per day, but since they taste so good, I find it to be a plus. Finally, I found a supplement that I look forward to taking! The chocolate is like a very mildly grainy chocolate caramel (someone likened it to a Walnetto) with a good chocolate flavor. The lemon has a very refreshing, tangy, clean lemon taste (though still mildly grainy, but I suppose that can't be helped), very reminiscent of a lemon Starburst. The slight graininess is a non-issue, in my opinion. They're the most candy-like supplements I've ever had. I prefer calcium citrate over calcium carbonate, and I don't like to swallow pills. These bites also have vitamin D3 to aid with absorption. I think they're terrific!
Candy like!
by SC, RD, LDN on 11/8/2009
Loved the lemon, like starburst or skittle candy. The choc is like a tootsie roll, but the lemon flavor is more intense. A little grainy compared to the leading calcium chew, but love anyway.
Lemon Chews
by Chef on 1/27/2010
Just what I ordered. Great taste and easy to use.
Like eating candy
by honeyb on 6/23/2010
I am usually a chocolate person, but of the three of these the lemon and raspberry are the best. It is like eating a starburst! No aftertaste, just good and chewy with a nice flavor. Love these!
Calcium Chewy Bites
by Avalon on 1/30/2011
Lemon is excellent. I have tried these and the Calcet and I did not like the Calcet at all. These are excellent tasting. Yum!
Calcium Citrate chewy Bites
by Quickdraw on 2/3/2011
My husband and I both take these Calcium Citrate chews. I believe they are the best out there, we have tried other brands but they do not compare to these taste wise. These taste great my husband loves the chocolate ones and said they taste like tootsie roll. The raspberry is my favorite but I also like the lemon as well. I don't think you can go wrong with these they are great!
great way to take calcium
by weianow on 2/18/2011
These are a great way to take calcium citrate. The only down part is that it takes 6 of them to get the required amount for after surgery so can be rather expensive. However, they have a great taste and are almost like eating a piece of taffy. Can't handle the chocolate, but like the raspberry and definitely like the lemon. The lemon is tart and tasty.
Love the Caramel Flavor
by lasvegagirl on 6/9/2011
I love chocolate and raspberry calcium, but there has always been a special place in my heart for caramel and was super excited to see this flavor come out in this chew, and...I love it. Of course it is not exactly the same texture and flavor as a real piece of caramel, but hey! This is nutritious and it tastes really good. Enjoy it!
AWESOME Calcium chews!
by Jenny on 6/13/2011
I got the caramel ones and they are sooo delicious and chewy! No nasty after taste like other chews I've tried. I will definitely buy these again!
by SJM on 6/19/2011
I have tried all flavors except Chocolate. The caramel is the BEST. Tastes like candy. I will definitely purchase again. Unbeatable prices....
by Marrilee on 8/16/2011
The new formula is awesome. No more grit makes these so good! The caramel is my absolute favorite, followed by the raspberry. These are a little treat now, and I am getting my calcium as well! YUM! I will make sure I do not run out of these little gems.
Raspberry chews are the greatest!
by Crimm on 1/23/2012
These are so tasty you cannot help but get all your calcium in for the day. I eat them after a meal. It satisfies any cravings I have for dessert because it is tasty, a little tart and yes, sweet, too. I am so glad I found them. All the flavors are good, but I like the raspberry best.
by Stephanie on 2/25/2012
I love the caramel! I actually look forward to taking my calcium every day. It's a sweet treat!
I love these chewy bites
by SGibson on 3/23/2012
I love these chewy bites! Wonderful and delicious way to get your Calcium. Had GBP last month, these bites are easy on the stomach (^_^)
Chewy Bites - Calcium Citrate
by Karen Reeves on 5/20/2012
These are awesome... just like candy - I look forward to eating them which is good because I don't like to take pills. I have tried the chocolate (like a tootsie roll sort of) - caramel (delicious) - but I really, really like the lemon (the best) and the raspberry. i keep all the flavors on hand because some days I may want one more than another... they are all good!
Great Tasting
by Judym on 8/14/2012
These are great tasting calcium chews. I like the caramel, chocolate and raspberry. It depends on what my desires are that day which one I chew. It is like chewing candy.
Calcium Citrate Chews Chocolate
by Janabanana on 9/17/2009
Great taste! Just stick them in your pocket and go. Don't have to worry about swollowing a big tablet.
Tasty, easy way to get your calcium!
by Flo on 10/24/2009
These calcium chews are easy to eat, with very little chalkiness. Both the lemon and the chocolate are good, and not too sweet. I also liked the cinnamon lozenges, but they are pretty chalky. These chews are better.
I Love These!
by Pat_G on 4/22/2010
These are awesome! I eat them as treats. The flavors are excellent--the chocolate is truly chocolate, and lemon--which I really like--is intense. There is the tiniest bit of graininess when you are almost finished chewing these, but for me the great taste makes that quite easy to tolerate. I'm going to order the new flavor, raspberry, soon, as well as 'refills' on the chocolate and lemon.
Rasberry Chews!!!
by ALawson on 5/3/2010
You've got to try the Raspberry!I've tried all three flavors and the Rasberry chews are THE BEST!!! There is not chalk or grit afterwards like with the lemon and chocolate flavors. Those are good also, but I'm hooked on the Raspberry! They remind me of a starburst candy! So that's my treat and calcium all wrapped into one!
Like Candy!
by Squishy on 7/2/2010
I bought the raspberry ones with some skepticism, but they taste surprisingly like the Now and Later candies! Much easier to chew than those, though. lol I am definitely getting these again!
ariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites
by Nina on 7/25/2010
It is the yummiest thing I ever tried! I love to combine the flavors as well like 1chocolate + 1 raspberry or chocolemon...
by RinaVito on 12/21/2010
I have been taking this product for a couple of years now and find it is a yummy way to get in my calcium intake.
This product is wonderful
by judy on 2/19/2011
I use to take calcium mini's but made me fill like I was full all the time and gave me a stomach ache so talked with Dr.Ebies and they told me to order the chews from u and I have not had any trouble since I love the raspberry chews and my calcium levels are doing gr8 now thank you so much for being there for people like me...
Tasty way to get your vitamins
by Mike I on 2/20/2011
Post surgery you need 1200g of calcium per day.

I have been slowly able to reduce the amount of supplements by using this product. 250mg per serving. Variety of flavors keeps it from getting tedious.
Bariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites
by tjones on 2/21/2011
Great way to get the extra calcium you need. Tastes good and several flavors to choose from.
by arby on 3/2/2011
I love all three flavors.
by Lisa on 3/6/2011
These are great. The chocolate is my favorite just like a tootsie roll. The lemon and raspberry are great too. What a great way to get your calcium citrate!
Chewy Bites
by GolfDave on 3/6/2011
Great way to get your calcium. Taste like a Tootsie Roll. Like having a snack almost like you are cheating.
Easy way to get your Calcium
by Theresa on 3/6/2011
My favorite flavor is the Raspberry ones. They have a light fruity taste, and I can pocket them because they are individual wrapped. I am not a big fan of milk, so for me these work out great. (Updated on 3/7/2011.)
Love these!
by Venerican on 3/9/2011
Love these! The chocolate one reminds me a bit of a tootsie roll and the lemon & raspberry are kind of like a starburst chew. Will be buying all flavors again!
These are Tasty!
by Joy-Joy on 3/17/2011
I did read a lot of reviews before I made a selection for these calcium chewy bites. I'm so glad that some of the reviews I read were right. These calcium chews are good and the raspberry flavor is great, I'm 4 weeks out from my surgery and these calcium bites doesn't make me sick or nauseous. I let two of my friends try them and now one of my friends has order 2 bags for herself. I'm so happy.
These are awesome!
by Lisa on 3/24/2011
These taste like starburst! They are awesome! A must try!
Fantastic product
by Jen S on 8/30/2012
I love these chews so much, they have a wonderful flavor, The chocolate is like having a chewy bite of a tootsie roll,A must try
Lemon or Raspberry Great.
by Billzer on 4/3/2011
Lemon or Raspberry are great. I don't mean that they taste ok, when compared to other nutritional supplements. I mean, they taste as good as any Starburst you can buy. Seriously. You will not forget to take these, the only problem will be not to eat too many, they are that good. The chocolate, on the other hand, was horrible. I won't order those again.
OMG! It tastes like a starburts!!
by TattooedMama on 4/15/2011
I just bought both the raspberry and lemon....WOW! Having 4 a day is easy to do! they taste just like starburst candy!! I will be ordering the caramel too!! YUMM-O!

(Updated on 4/16/2011.)
chewy calcium
by kimmy on 5/26/2011
I love the Lemon ones, they're the best. (Updated on 5/27/2011.)
The best calcium!
by P.Ramos on 5/2/2011
This is the best calcium I have tried yet. The lemon is tangy, and the raspberry is fruity. I took samples to my post surgery 3 month check up and gave them to the doctor, he loved them! Gave him this web site information, said he will recommend this to all of his patients. I put them in my pocket since they are individually wrapped, makes travel easy! I will continue to order this product! (Updated on 5/3/2011.)
Candy and calcium in one bite!
by soapangel on 8/30/2012
These little things are SO good! I'm in my 2 wk pre-op to gastric bypass and I look forward to my little "candies" every day! I have tried the lemon and the raspberry so far and they are awesome! Looking forward to trying the chocolate and caramel!
Bariatric Advantage Calcium Citrate
by Silver on 5/18/2011
I had so much difficulty getting my calcium in when I was trying to chew those dry, chalky tablets every day. But these little candies are delicious! The chocolate is great, and the raspberry is even better.
by Bert on 5/21/2011
These are fabulous. I ordered both lemon and raspberry and keep one on each level of the house so I eat one of each every day. The flavor is exceptional and the most enjoyable vitamin product I have ever tried.
tastes great
by kathy on 8/30/2012
I agree with other reviews I have read, these taste very good. I ordered the lemon flavor, and the raspberry. they were both very tasty. I will order these again.
by Caramel Chews on 5/31/2011
Most reasonable site I've found to purchase this item. Lowest Price and Shipping! This bariatric calcium chew is the best! It is my treat for the day! Look forward to eating them. Kind of like a Bit of Honey chew. These have the best flavor, no chalkiness and the most bang for your buck!! Highly recommend to my bariatric friends! Had to switch calcium citrate when they changed the formula on the brand that I had been taking for over two years. These are by far a more outstanding bariatric chew. Have found all the flavors to be very tasty and just like a candy chew.

Best I ever tasted
by Lin on 6/2/2011
The taste is great, no after taste, soft and easy to swallow.
Excellent choice!
by BobF4 on 6/10/2011
Excellent tasting calcium chews. And gets me the calcium citrate I need!
Buy these!!!
by Lora on 7/5/2011
Yum!!!!!!!!!! I like it!! (Updated on 7/6/2011.)
Best Calcium Supplement Ever!
by FL Mom on 6/20/2011
Finally, calcium that tastes good! I have suffered with gritty, chalky calcium supplements for years, but never again! I love the lemon flavor best. I'll never be without it!
OMG - it's just like Kraft caramels!
by on 8/30/2012
I usually buy the Calcet Creamy bites (which are AWESOME) but I figured I would try these. They rock! I actually eat them like a treat.
Like eating candy
by moke on 8/17/2011
A wonderful way to take calcium. Could be addicting. I have liked the raspberry the best but read the reviews on these and thought I would try them. Definitely worth a try. Delicious!
Really great Calcium
by Persey on 8/17/2011
I bought the caramel and raspberry flavor and I must say that both flavors are great! They taste like little treats that I enjoy everyday! Well worth the purchase.
Good taste and calcium too
by MJames on 8/18/2011
I do recommend these as a calcium source. Dietitian recommended these, and all four flavors taste great. Will continue to buy as my source of calcium after gastric bypass surgery.

The best.
by dstn on 8/31/2011
I was at doctor for my 1 year out.I bought a bag of both chocolate and caramel.I like the chocolate best.Like eating a piece of candy.
Great Option!
by Leelee on 8/30/2012
I've tried every flavor of this calcium chew and they're all good. Like some have mentioned I like to combine the flavors like chocolate and raspberry, or chocolate and caramel. If you like a citrus taste, the lemon is good. My favorite is the chocolate and raspberry, they pack a lot of punch and you won't forget to take them!
Great Calcium source
by Capi59 on 9/5/2011
These calcium citrate chews are soooo good. I love each and every flavor, however I do tend towards the caramel. My dietician recommended these to me after my surgery and I can tell you that I prefer these hands down over the big "horse" calcium citrate pills that I used to take. My calcium levels were very low until I started using these chews. Great job Bariatric Advantage.
Amazing Taste
by Yanes on 2/19/2012
I was not sure to get this because a lot of items say they taste great and when you get them they taste nasty. This taste like if i was eating a Milky Way or a Twix chocolate bar. It truly does taste like caramel it is the best calcium I could get. I look forward to eat this calcium Chewy Bits because the taste is amazing. (Updated on 2/20/2012.)
Great Chewy Bites
by on 8/30/2012
These Chewy Bites, Calcium Citrate, are yummy. Tried the Raspberry and will be ordering the Caramel and Chocolate. It's just too bad they are only 250 mg. However, eating two chewy bites over other Calcium Citrate tabs. Well, worth it. Not like taking vitamins at all.
i love the product
by mikenashville on 10/14/2011
I have been buying this product since having the gastric bypass, and I love this product. The flavor choices are great.
Great Flavor
by Mickerbud on 10/20/2011
I love these! They taste like Tootsie rolls. I wish they were a little less expensive though. I will continue to use them as my calcium levels at my last check up were excellent!
Yummy and satisfies my candy craving!
by Riblet on 10/22/2011
These are so yummy I forget they are a vitamin! I love the chocolate and the caramel flavors, though different than a candy caramel. The lemon is a nice change, but I was not so fond of the raspberry. A great way to get my calcium citrate! Grateful that I found these. I was in a panic, as I absolutely could not tolerate the Bariatric Advantage calcium citrate tablets which were like eating flavored chalk. Well worth the extra cost.
Love these little "tootsie" squares
by mslewc on 11/1/2011
I have tried Lemon, Raspberry, and now the caramel the only one left is choc. flavor but I love them they taste like the flavored tootsie rolls, only they are square. I don't have problems taking my vitamins with these little pieces of heaven!
Not just Calcium, but also a treat!
by WouldYouEva on 11/7/2011
I had bought the chocolate ones at a store, and I really liked them. They taste like Tootsie Rolls, only square. A friend recommended the caramel, and they are tasty, also, just like a caramel chew. I have no problem getting calcium in now! Next time I'm going to try the raspberry and lemon.
by DBP on 11/14/2011
Three years after my surgery, I was getting tired of taking Citracal Petites (4 daily). My doctor told me that I had to increase to 6 a day. I told my nurse that this is one of the supplements that I didn't enjoy taking and she handed me two of the Bariatic Advantage Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites. I said to her, "What is this"? This nurse also had the surgery and told me that I would love taking these. That night I went home and had my two Chewy Bites for that night (one chocolate, one lemon). I can't begin to tell you it was like eating two pieces of taffy. They were out of this world in taste.

That night after trying the Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites I went online and ordered five bags of them (3 chocolate, 1 lemon and 1 caramel). Outstanding taste...make sure you try at least one bag of them...you won't be disappointed.
Lemony lift
by Mabs on 8/30/2012
Tastes great and healthy makes me enjoy it even more.
Great way to get extra calcium!
by Pam on 11/28/2011
I am post-gastric-bypass and recently had a revision due to fistula. I've been using these for a while and like having the opportunity to have a treat during the day. These are like star**rst candy chews. I like raspberry and lemon, but the caramel is my favorite. Don't use the chocolate only because so many other products/supplements I use are also chocolate, and I need variety! Would definitely recommend--no grittiness or after taste at all!
Good as candy
by joanagan on 12/11/2011
I sometimes chew a second just because they taste so good. Not at all chalky. And, they just don't come any pickier than I am about taste.
BA Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites
by Joe on 12/29/2011
This is the perfect way to get the calcium one needs after you bypass. I recommend them to everyone regardless of whether or not they've have surgery or not. Tastes like a Starbust candy.
Great product
by Randal J. on 1/2/2012
This is the same stuff that my doctors office recommends and sells, but at a much better price. I have tried all four flavors are my favorites are the Caramel, Chocolate, and the Lemon. The Raspberry just tastes funny to me.
by rnyeny on 2/13/2012
These are the best dang Calcium Supplements I have ever tasted and it doesnt irritate or upset my pouch! They taste super and sometimes I feel like im cheating its so delicious!
The best
by Tom on 8/30/2012
I love these, every flavor is great, it took me a while to find the right calcium and now they are all I use.
Almost as good as kraft caramels
by Chris on 2/18/2012
The caramel calcium chews are the best flavor of them all. Sweet and chewy. I look forward to having them everyday. Just like eating candy and almost as good as the kraft brand caramels. I alternate the caramel and the chocolate flavors for variety.
by Bimmy on 3/4/2012
These are the best source of calcium citrate anywhere! I love the raspberry and they are like having a taffy treat when I have a sweet tooth. I have to watch out to not overeat them!Yes, they're that good!
Love it!
by Misty on 3/20/2012
Its like having caramel as a treat.
by Bj on 4/7/2012
Hard to tell this is not just regular candy. Very easy way to get the Calcium requirements in.
Taste Great
by MrsYummy on 4/15/2012
I tried these chews at my surgeons office and fell in love with them so I ordered my own bags and this is an EXCELLENT and tasty way to get my calcium.
my night time treat with benefits
by Terry on 8/30/2012
These calcium citrate chewys are really a nice night time treat with benefits. I prefer the caramel over the chocolate flavor. I do some times take one caramel and one chocolate at the same time for a double treat.
Love this excellent product
by Linda M on 8/30/2012
My nutritionist gave me free samples of multiple vitamin and protein supplements prior to my bariatric surgery. These Calcium Chewy Bites were my hands-down favorite of all the calcium supplemental products. All 4 flavors are excellent, and the caramel is the one I like the best. I love knowing I'm taking care of my health while I'm enjoying these delicious treats.
I Sooooooooo Love These Chews
by Shari on 6/17/2012
I've been chewing on calcium chews for years. After my bariatric surgery I researched more fully the type I was taking and what I needed to be taking. I realized that the heavily advertised brand I was taking were not that great. I tried these and love them. I bought the caramel, chocolate and raspberry. I put all three in a glass container on my desk at work so I would make sure I got all of them in each day. I have discovered that I love the caramel best and just ordered 3 bags of those. The others were good, but the caramel were ever so yummy. When I get a "hankering" for a snack, I eat one of those and it does the trick. They taste great and work great too. My nails have never looked better. If my nails are getting the calcium they need (finally), then I can be sure my bones are too. Best product of this kind that I have ever tasted. Love Them !!!!!!!!!
by Elizabeth on 6/22/2012
I had the surgery and since then my tastes have changed but I know my taste for these did not. I of course have to eat three a day but if I could I would eat more! They have to be taken an hour apart so I just do a morning, noon and night so I have a nice treat throughout the day. I really can't wait to eat them!! Lol seriously I LOVE these and I've tried many. The price is worth the enjoyment!
Finally,something that doesn't taste like battery acid!
by BMac on 8/30/2012
I have tried many kinds of calcium, and all of them have tasted like the medicine you had to take when you were a kid...yuck! I have the lemon and raspberry flavoured chewies, and let me tell you, they are like special treats for me! Having had bypass surgery, I have to get lots of calcium in my system....what a nice way to take medicine! Highly recommended!
Chewable Calcium
by LindaB on 7/12/2012
I buy these chewables for my daughter who had bariatric surgery in January, 2012. They are the only ones she will eat. She loves the chocolate and raspberry. Since I'm at an age where I need to take calcium supplements myself, I tried the lemon and caramel as well and I love all four flavors.
Very good!
by Trish on 7/21/2012
Very good, will be ordering again
Great way to get your Calcium
by brenspen on 9/13/2012
What a great way to get your calcium in, a treat in the morning and a treat at night. I need to take 5 of these a day, and I enjoy them. I tried the lemon and the caramel. I usually dislike anything with artificial sweetener, but these are great. Not even sure if there is artificial sweeteners in here or not.
by dezertrose on 10/22/2012
Really grat tasting way to get your calcium, low in sugar and carbs!
caramel and rasberry are a treat
by cherie on 11/13/2012
These are more of a daily treat than a vitamin. Hardship is limiting them each day.
by CAROL on 12/7/2012
Love it!!!
by krizna20 on 1/21/2013
I order the caramel flavor this past week and could not be happier!! The taste is great!! will order again!!
by shelly on 2/17/2013
Have to say these are so good i could eat the whole bag. I would if I could, they are that good.
cant go with out these
by shelly on 2/17/2013
I cant go not even one day with out my chews I love these,most of I love the taste.
Depends on your flavor/taste preference
by Darra on 2/22/2013
I'm a Weight Loss Surgery patient and I have tried all 4 flavors of these as they are the easiest way for me to get my Calcium Citrate intake. In my opinion, the Lemon and Raspberry are the best. They truly do taste like Starburst or any other fruity chewy candy. The Caramel flavor is also pretty tasty, its just like the Caramel Viactiv chewables. If you didn't know better, you'd think they were candy. Taking these every few hours is a real treat for me. The chocolate doesn't taste like Tootsie Rolls to me. Its a chocolate chew but they are the worst flavor for my taste buds. Kinda like chewing cardboard to me. But, some people swear by that flavor so I say try them all and see which ones suit your tastes.
by lvthesite on 2/23/2013
The lemon chews are my favorite! A great way to get my calcium in since surgery!
by Kelly Ann on 2/24/2013
This is a fantastic alternative to crushing and the chalky or gummy chewables, none of which I like very much. It truly tastes like a caramel chew! Now if only they can come up with a multivitamin that tastes like this!
Best way to get calcium
by Jennifer on 3/3/2013
I love these things. The chocolate, caramel, and raspberry flavors are all great. The lemon isn't bad, but is a little tart for my taste. This is so much better than those chalky tablets, and they're sugar free. Worth the extra price.
very tasty
by June on 3/5/2013
Love the chewy bites, especially the lemon & the rasberry flavors!
Awesome was to get your calcium!
by Melissa on 3/6/2013
This is an awesome way to get your daily calcium requirement. I keep bags of each flavor and mix them as I take them everyday. I'll mix the caramel with the chocolate and the lemon with the raspberry. That adds variety to taking the supplement each day. All the flavors are great!
Taking your calcium is a treat
by Terry on 3/8/2013
I have tried all the flavors and they are all good. These are like having a piece of candy rather than taking your vitamins.

And the service from Diet Direct was outstanding.
buy this product with confidence
by CAROL on 3/22/2013
I tried many calcium citrate vitamins until I discovered one that I liked and would find "tasty" every day for the rest of my life. THESE ARE THE BOMB!! Just a regular caramel - no funky taste, just a very good product. Please never stop making them! I will be very unhappy!! Great to pop a few salted peanuts and then of the caramel chews. Pretty much like a salted nut roll! I also take a bite of apple and a bite of my caramel chew----wow!! Just like a caramel apple! Try these----you won't be disappointed! Wish they were somewhat cheaper as a bag of 60 lasts me 10 days; but will not stop buying them because they are absolutely the best!!
would purchase Calcium Citrate
by Lucinda on 3/24/2013
I had the chance of tasting these chewy bites before hand and they are so sinful tasting. Taste like Starbursts. I bought the the raspberry and will get chocolate next order. I had to drive miles to purchase before so now I will order online and save gas. Doctor approved for my gastric bypass supplements... So please never stop make these!!!!!!
Love these!!
by wendy on 3/25/2013
These taste awesome, just like eating a piece of candy. So much better than the chewable calcium tablets that taste chalky.

I have also tried the lemon and raspberry flavors and they are just as good!

These are a bit
pricey, but worth every penny.
by Amanda on 3/30/2013
they taste just like Werther's. Yummy
Carmel Chews
by Deborah on 4/12/2013
These are my favorite so far (Chocolate comes in second). Not only do they give you a needed boost in calcium, they taste great and help knock off that "I think I want a sweet" craving. thumbs up on this!
Great way to get in your calcium!
by Judith B on 4/22/2013
Before trying the Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites, I was having so much trouble getting down my calcium because those 'chalky' Calcium citrate pills were not only tasteless - but huge as well. (and of course they had to be chewable for better absorption!!) I do need to take 8 chews a day per my endocrinologist for about 2000mg per day and thank heaven I now enjoy taking them! I especially love the Caramel ones, but every one of them are good!
Caramel - Very Good!!
by Debra on 5/2/2013
Not a huge fan of caramel flavored products - but after trying the sample the doctor gave me - this flavor was the best!!

Like buying the Bariatric Advantage products here - free shipping and % discount - not to mention the rewards - can't beat that!!
Like Candy
by Donna on 5/2/2013
Love the taste, it like eating a candy square, it is just torture to take them, HA HA HA
by Charlotte on 5/24/2013
I love the taste I feel like I am having a treat..
Very Good Product
by CAROLYN on 6/3/2013
I really love the chewables. They taste very good. I have to remember that it is a vitamin.
Great tasting!
by Dianne on 6/17/2013
I absolutely love caramel and this is now a favorite of mine. It tastes good and doesn't have any after-taste. Would highly recommend!
by Mafe on 7/1/2013
These calcium chewy bites tates just like candy. I love them! Too bad it is just one a day!
by Christina on 7/4/2013
I have to remember that these are not actual pieces of caramel!!!
Love it
by Jennifer on 7/14/2013
Best calcium yet!!!!
Very Good
by Sammy on 7/20/2013
These Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites were not only tasty but also filling, I've ordered my second bag now.

Surprisingly Good
by Taste Tester on 8/12/2013
I bought these based on the reviews of others. THANK YOU! I must say that they are REALLY good. They don't taste like vitamins. I purchased the Raspberry, Lemon & Caramel. The Raspberry & Lemon taste like the soft filling in Skittles. (no kidding) The Caramel tastes just like caramel. They satisfy my sweet craving in the afternoon. I eat 2-3 per day.
Great taste
by Debra on 10/10/2013
Love the taste the best of all the flavors. I have tried the lemon which is my second favorite and the raspberry along with the chocolate. The chewy cube makes me think I'm enjoying a piece of candy.
Great source of Calcium
by Debra on 1/18/2014
I love this flavor above them all. Lemon comes in second followed by raspberry. I don't drink milk or eat cheese so this is a great source for calcium and sugar free.
by SHERYL on 1/27/2014
by Debra on 1/27/2014
I really like the calcium chews
Best Ever
by Julie on 2/3/2014
best chews I have ever had. They are just like eating a real caramel. Highly recommend.
by ANGELA on 2/21/2014
I love these vitamins so much, I usually snack on them. They are great, just great.
So good taste like candy
by Lindie on 2/23/2014
These are so good I love caramel and these taste just like the candy so I feel like I'm getting something sweet while taking my calcium
by Candice on 2/25/2014
I was having a hard time finding a calcium citrate supplement that actually tasted good. My dietician recommended the chocolate chews. When I ordered them, I also got a bag of the caramel, too. The caramel are my favorite!!! Caramel candy was one of my favorites before surgery. These little bites of heaven make me feel as though I am not missing out on a thing!
I wish they were 500mg each, so that I wouldn't go through so many in one day. But, since they taste great, it's really not bad.

Hello Candice, thank you for your feedback. We do carry the Bariatric Advantage brand calcium chewy bites in 500 mgs. The item number is: BACALCHEWY50090 If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We appreciate your business, and have a great day!

Lila Yasin
Customer Care Specialist

Love them!
by JC on 3/7/2014
Tastes like carmel candy. No vitamin taste.
you will think it is candy
by Eugene on 4/3/2014
My grandkids come in all the time asking for a calcium chew telling me they want a piece of my candy. And I figure it can't hurt them now and then.
good product
by Linda on 4/6/2014
very good product. good tasting, leaves no after taste will definetly be reodering this again . would recommend to anyone that has problems taking in pill form
love em
by Sharon on 4/17/2014
First time ordering these... love the caramel, like taking candy
Chocolate and Caramel Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites
by Birdi on 4/18/2014
LOVE these calcium citrate chews! I eat 4 twice a day, combining the chocolate and caramel flavors. They are so good that it's almost like having a candy dessert before my main course! I've tried several other types/brands purchased at a local health food store - fruit flavored wafers and a fruit flavored liquid, but could barely stomach them, let alone keep from gagging. After reading the other reviews on these chews, I decided to give them a try. I'm SO glad I did because I was about to ask my bariatric surgeon what I could do to get my daily calcium citrate after my bad experiences.
love them!
by Laura on 4/24/2014
After having the sleeve surgery, getting medicine/vitamins down was horrible! So I ordered the caramel chews and the chocolate chews. The chocolate had a funny taste to them but if you mixed it with the caramel then it was like eating a turtle, yum! I love the caramels and will keep ordering them for as long as I need to! They actually taste like real caramel, kid you not! If your looking for a snack but do not want to cheat, this is for you! Not only do I get the calcium I need, its like having a little dessert too.
Carmel flavor is great
by Vickie on 4/25/2014
I love these calcium chews. They are really a treat that I get three times a day. The Citrate calcium is what my doctor ordered.
by Pattie on 4/25/2014
Tried the caramel for the first time and they are now my favorite!
by Donna on 5/20/2014
I've bought these in caramel, chocolate and lemon. They are a delicious way to take calcium citrate. I order 2 bags monthly.
Caramel Calcium Chews
by Sharon on 6/8/2014
Love these... got a bag of the raspberry ones and wont get them again, not enough flavor. Caramel is what I get now...
yummy taste
by Debra on 6/26/2014
The caramel is my favorite out of all the flavors then lemon and raspberry. Since there is no sugar it is better than most brands out there on the market. My grandchild is taking it as well since she is not a milk or cheese eater.
by Rori on 7/18/2014
After my Bariatric surgery I have to take 500mg calcium citrate 3 times a day :( the pills I was taking were HUGE!! They'd fill my tummy and took several tries to go down even cut up. So I found these chews thought I'd try them. OMG!! These chews were the answer to my problem!!! Easy to get down, no stomach upset and to tell you the truth I even smile just a bit when my vitamin alarm goes off :) it's more like a treat then a vitamin :) the raspberry tastes like sherbet rasp ice cream. The Carmel is creamy better then a Carmel candy (seriously) and the chocolate is the right taste between dark chocolate and milk chocolate flavor ! All 3 are so yummy!
Caramel lover!
by Shanz on 7/23/2014
These are perfect! I am not a good pill-taker so this chew suits me. I fell like I am having a treat every morning!:)
by Sylvia on 8/11/2014
Love the texture and taste.
Very good product
by Linda on 11/5/2014
I read several reviews on this product and as always there are some good and some bad. I don't think I would have ordered them unless I had sampled them beforehand. I was given one by a friend and thought they tasted yummy. They were more like candy. I ordered a bag of these caramel flavored calcium citrate bites and they were here within 2 days. I was very happy with the caramel chewy bites and the time they took to arrive. Definitely will be ordering more.
love the chews
by Connie on 11/15/2014
These chews are so good it's like eating candy.
I take enough pills and these are so tasty can't
wait until the next one.
Good taste..
by DD on 1/1/2015
These are so good, as well as being healthy. I like the taste, kind of a good caramel, and I have one, in the morning, and one in the evening. Love them..
great tasting
by Karen on 1/10/2015
The caramel tastes a lot better then chocolate flavor.
Excellent flavor
by Lori on 1/12/2015
Excellent flavor
by Karen on 1/17/2015
Love them...actually consider them a treat... Couldn't stomach the liquid calcium!
Fantastic Product with Great Taste
by D M on 2/6/2015
I've been buying Calcium Citrate from Bariatric Choice for a couple of years. They have great prices, especially if you can refer a friend. I've tried all the flavors and all of them are good. It's like eating a treat, rather than taking vitamins.
by Patricia on 2/20/2015
These are such a treat! Love love love them! It's like having a caramel candy with added health benefits!
Excellent taste
by Kellie on 6/19/2015
Love the flavour and consistency of these Calcium chews. Feels like a treat, which helps long term maintenance post-WLS!
Great Product
by debbie on 8/19/2015
What a delicious way to take calcium! Tasty and easy to digest. Have tried store purchased calcium and threw them away!
BA Calcium Citrate chewy bites (caramel)
by Mary on 2/16/2016
I found these chews satisfied my sweet tooth and need to chew. They are tasty like a werther's caramel piece of candy so I save them to take a bit later in the am. I would recommend these as a great way to get your calcium in every day and will re-order and perhaps try other flavors.
by Kathleen on 4/4/2016
Mine were orange, great tasting....
Great Product
by Yvonne H on 4/13/2016
I started using the Calcium Citrate Chewy Bite after having bariatric surgery. I feel like I am having a sugary treat. I love the taste and my calcium levels are perfect.
Love this product
by Barbara on 5/1/2016
I have been using this product for over 4 years now and it is more of a treat than a supplement. I do prefer buying the 60 ct because you have two chews three times a day,
and I really think they taste better than the larger ct bag that you only chew one three times a day. There is not enough of a savings buying big for me to give up my two chew treat. Thanks for a great product and your delivery service could not be any better. I received my last order the morning after I placed the order and that was free shipping. You cannot beat that!! THANKS again
Caramel calcium citrate chews
by Toni on 9/17/2016
really good would definitly get again..
calcium citrate chewable
by Dorothy on 10/30/2016
They are very tasty it's hard to believe that they are sugar free. I am looking forward to trying one of the other flavors. I have the caramel now but will be ready for another flavor when I run out.
calcium chewy bites
by sheila on 3/23/2017
dont care for chewable calcium pills,but know how important it is to take for the bariatric patient. These bites come in several flavors and are well tolerated and feel like you are "cheating" on yourself.
by SHERRY on 8/3/2018
My nutritionist recommended these. Out of all the flavors, this one is the best.
Great Tasting Chews
by Karen on 11/15/2019
These Carmel chews are very good tasting and taste more like carmel than others I have tried. I use them after my dinner and have a cup of coffee with them. It makes me feel like I am having dessert when I am merely taking my calcium citrate vitamins.
Taste Great!
by Kimberly on 12/13/2019
I enjoy these sweet little morsels. My favorite ones are the caramel and chocolate. Raspberry is pretty good too, kinda like a Starburst candy! I don't know about the lemon, I'm really not a big lemon fan so I may not even try it. I feel like I'm having a treat when I take them.
Raspberry and Chocolate
by Nikki on 8/30/2012
This is the best way I have found to be able to get in the calcium since surgery! I've tried two other kinds of calcium on this website; the calcium bites (which were FABULOUS, but had calcium carbonate instead of calcium citrate) and the Celebrate Hot Cocoa flavor (just gross). I LOVE these raspberry and chocolate chews; and since you have to eat 5-6 a day to get in all your calcium, I would rather chew on something I like. The chocolate tastes a little like a tootsie roll, but is a little less sweet (which is actually a good thing). The raspberry is a little more sweet. I eat one of each flavor together and its wonderful!
Good Flavor
by Nancy on 12/9/2011
These chews have a good flavor, however, I need at least 1500 mg and to get that I need to take 3, so I much prefer to get calcium where I only need to take one or two. I've tried the chocolate, caramel, and lemon. These taste great.
I love the flavor!
by Debbie on 1/1/2012
I love the flavor of the Raspberry Calcium Citrate Chewy Bites!! I tried to find calcium citrate and it was difficult. I tried the samples of the Chewy Bites at my doctors office and they were fantastic. They are like having a little candy during the day.
I love the raspberry chews!
by Michelle on 1/21/2012
I recently found out that I have Osteoporosis. My bariatric surgeon suggested that I start taking calcium chews to increase my calcium intake. He said the chews would be better than the pills since I have to take 8 a day. I bought the raspberry and lemon, and really like the raspberry. The lemon tastes chalky to me. I plan on ordering the chocolate and caramel when I order again. (Updated on 1/22/2012.)
Two ingredients missing
by KELLY on 11/9/2012
These are great, love these, I only wish that they contained Vitamin K and magnesium for better absorption, so I give them 4 stars instead of 5.
very good
by Marilyn on 11/15/2012
Very good
Good product
by Thomas on 6/15/2013
My 4th favorite flavor, but I'd still give it four out of five stars.
caramel calcium chews
by Lucy on 1/9/2015
very tasty. remind of the candy Bit-o-Honey. smaller than the picture leads you to believe. would recommend.
Good product, good flavor
by Tiffany on 11/1/2017
I like this product. Since I started using this product my vitamin D levels are where they should be and it has a nice flavor and texture.
Dose is half of what I need per chew
by Kate on 3/16/2018
I love these Chewy Bites of Caramel! But I didn't look closely enough and the dose is only half what I need per chew. But I like the idea of getting two at a time instead of one!!
Easy to take, so-so taste
by N.H. on 4/23/2011
This vitamin is so easy to take, but there is a terrible aftertaste--the ease makes up for that!
by Dora on 3/22/2013
They are good, but a little on the oily side... I like the raspberry ones better.
good flavor
by Christy on 8/12/2015
I would buy these again
Worst Ever Calcium Chews
by Patt on 11/9/2010
I would definitely not recommend these calcium chews. Because I'm a raspberry person, I tried the raspberry, and they are TERRIBLE! I've been buying the Calcet Lemon and Chocolate Chews, and they are excellent. I would definitely recommend the Calcet chews but not these. I only tried the Raspberry, so perhaps the others are better. I sent them back which cost me in shipping they were so bad. (Updated on 11/10/2010.)
Calcium Chews
by Lila on 8/30/2012
When I first started taking these chews pre-surgery I thought they were ok, but after surgery my tastes changed and I couldn't tolerate the sweetness of them. They actually make me gag. I spoke with several other surgery patients and they couldn't stand them because of the over sweetness either.. I had to change to calcium capsules, which are also a pain but at least they don't make me vomit.
Excellent product!
by oceangirl on 8/30/2012
These chews are an excellent way to get the calcium you need and feel like you are eating a piece of candy! It satisfies that longing! The caramel, raspberry and lemon are my favorites! Chocolate is pretty good, too.