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BariWise Soup, Cream of Chicken (7ct)

BariWise Soup, Cream of Chicken (7ct)
Item #: BW211

Price: $15.95

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BariWise Soup, Cream of Chicken (7ct)

Price: $15.95

In stock


  • High Protein - 15 grams Per Serving
  • Low Calorie - 100 Calories Per Serving
  • Low Fat - 2 grams Per Serving
  • Low Carb - 6g Net Carbs*
  • Gluten Free
  • Aspartame Free
  • Trans Fat Free
  • Quick and Easy to Make

*g Net Carbs = Total Carbohydrates - Fiber - Sugar Alcohols

Seasoned with vegetables and a balanced blend of spices, this hearty, low-carb soup satisfies both your taste buds and your appetite. Each creamy, low-fat serving delivers 15 grams of protein to help keep your diet plan on track.


  1. Pour contents of one packet into a large mug.
  2. Add 6 to 8 ounces of hot water and stir until dissolved.

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86 Customer Reviews

Set Ascending Direction
Very tasty soups
by Robin on 3/18/2008
I thought the _Cream of Broccoliヤ soup was very tasty. It has a nice creamy chicken broth base with tiny bits of broccoli (wish it had more). Measuring and cooking recommendations: The package suggests 6 to 8 ounces of water. I recommend 8 ounces. I also recommend boiling the water, adding to the mix, and stirring for a minute or so to get as many of the lumps out (push down with a spoon). Microwave for 30 seconds, remove, and stir again. Microwave for 20 to 30 more seconds, stir, and eat. Yum!

Great Soup
by JG on 3/14/2011
I drink 3-4 soups a day to increase my protein intake and I believe the beef is the best. I often add some mushroom bouillon and cheese for a treat and added protein.
Awesome Soups
by Patt on 5/6/2011
I would definitely recommend the soups to anyone. I've tried the Chicken w/Pasta, Chicken Bouillon, Tomato and Cream of Asparagus so far. I have not been disappointed. They are a wonderful addition to my diet needs. I will continue ordering them. In fact, I have another order in to try some other flavors. Try them, and you'll not only LOVE them but also be very glad you did!
by on 6/29/2011
I buy the chicken pasta, chicken boullion, and tomato soups all the time, they are the lowest in sodium and really are delicious! I found that they mix well if you heat them up for 90 seconds.
Convenient, satisfying and tasty!
by SKindel on 7/8/2011
The tomato soup is verrrry satisfying and love the basil flavor as well. When I go to lunch with friends I just order a bowl or cup of hot water and add the tomato bouillon. Sometimes at home I add tofu.
BariWise Chicken Soup
by BariBariHappy on 9/5/2011
Just had WLS and this product is great. Easy to get down. Plus I'm getting my protein in. Diet Direct ROCKS!
Great Protein Soup - Highly Recommend
by LauraB on 10/21/2011
Just had WLS and need to be on liquid diet pre and post surgery for 2 weeks. This is a great low-sodium bullion. Boil your water and really stir to get mix to break down. This is a quality product with very good taste. Tried with microwave and didn't mix as well. Best to have super hot water and continue to stir for about 1 minute. Enjoy!
by Lindsay J on 4/2/2012
Chicken with pasta. Pretty good, not too salty, but just the right amount of salt. I mix with 4 oz of water instead of the reccomended 8, since I am a bariatric patient. I also like the fact that the portable packages dont say diet, or bariatric, etc.. Easy, I just use the hot water dipenser on the coffee machine and it mixes easily, no clumps, smells, or weird tastes. I ordered one box and used it up within one week, so I ordered 3 more boxes and Im not even remotely tired of it.
I like it!
by SweetSue on 4/29/2012
I tried the cream of mushroom and liked it very much. I'm glad I didn't take the advice of the low ratings. It's nice to be able to have a variety of items and not stuck with the same thing over and over again. I made sure the water was hot enough and had no problems with gritty taste. I will try the other flavors. Great soup for a rainy day.
Very good!
by Babs on 5/28/2012
I tried the cream of mushroom and it was very good!! I like the flavor and it was a very nice change from just having shakes for all my meals. I will definitely buy again and will try other flavors and products as well.
Chicken & Pasta Soup
by Harriet on 8/8/2012
Who doesn't like fried chicken and you thought you couldn't have it and diet too! Well think again...I take chicken breast tenders and roll them in the chicken & pasta soup and fry in a "little" canola oil - the chicken is moist, crunchy and delicious! I have this at least three times a week. :~)
I love
by kwladywolf on 5/20/2009
It is really good. I like adding about oz of cheese and it makes it pretty good. Better than buying Healthy Choice meals that cost more. I recommend to use a big bowl. The water tends to boil over.
by omcv04 on 8/10/2009
I love the tomato soup! Just the right amount of spices!
Chicken Broth
by NeeNee on 5/22/2011
I received my free sample packets in the US Mail today. I opened my chicken bouillon and ate for dinner. Delicious and not loaded with sodium! I was also sent the following packets: hot chocolate, nutritional supplement in chocolate, caramel pudding, and chocolate cream pudding & shake. So far, so good!!! Will send another comment once I open and taste the others. Yummy!!!!!!
Beef n Pasta GREAT
by Sunshine on 10/20/2012
I love this soup. Very tasty and enjoyable! If you need more fillers I add spaghetti squash 1/4 c and few peas. Love it!!
Tomato bouillon
by Beverly on 11/2/2012
This is so delicious! This has become my favorite choice for a cold weather evening drink. Ordering my 7th box today. I really have to struggle once cold weather gets here to control my nightime snacking and this is a welcome solution!!! This plus my cappuccino will be so helpful.
Cream of Chicken is excellent!
by Linda on 2/1/2013
I had a sample pack and then purchased a box. It is so good. It is creamy, smooth & no protein after taste at all. I always add extra garlic powder & a dash of ginger. I'm ready to try other ones and to purchase more!
Some of these are great
by Cori on 5/13/2013
I really like the Cream of Chicken, Cream of Tomato, Chicken Pasta, and Beef pasta. Not so much the tomato bouillon or mushroom. Put the soup in the cup, then add the really hot water, stirring well. I let it sit for about 90 seconds before stirring it up again, and that makes the consistency better. It takes about 3 minutes for the pasta varieties to get the noodles soft. I usually drink it from a coffee cup.
by Diane on 9/1/2013
love love love this soup, great flavor
its great
by debw on 9/20/2013
I like the versatility of the soups, I make flatbreads out of them using egg whites, but this time I heated chicken broth added vegetables and made dumplings out of the soup packet and added them to the broth. Either way is very good.
Very good
by Cynthia on 5/31/2014
You might have to dress it up a bit. Put in veggies or cut up leftovers, etc. Then you get many different soups without getting bored. I add a little Tumeric too.
Love....love .... love!!!!!
by Neyda on 10/11/2014
I LOVE this soup, it's delicious. It's filling and totally helps me get through my afternoons at school.
BariWise Protein Diet Soup, Cream of Chicken
by Carol on 1/18/2015
Love this soup. I have used it as a seasoning on other food. Great if you add a couple ounces of chicken to it or a few veges. My sister told me it was awesome and she was right. I make it in a 16 oz. cup and add 1/3 of a chicken bullion cube to enrich the taste.
Best comfort food ever!
by Jane on 8/24/2015
This soup "hits the spot". It is like "Cup o Soup" but with protein. Creamy texture, easy to prepare.
by Charles on 9/11/2015
Easy to mix, good flavor a perfect snack.
I really like the Cream of Chicken Soup!
by Joann on 9/25/2015
I ordered a variety box of Bariwise soups to try them out. I really like the Cream of Chicken. It is not watery even using 8 oz of water and I did not need any spices for flavoring. I will be having this as a regular soup.
by Susan on 10/10/2015
the cream of chicken soup is delicious and also very filling. will definitely get some more.
Love this soup!
by SYD on 4/16/2016
Easy to drink on the go or at work if I don't have time for lunch. Tastes great and mixes easily with hot water.
by Heidi on 5/17/2016
I used these soups several years ago, along with the puddings & shakes & loved them. I started taking chicken breast tenderloins & cutting into cubes then dredging them in a packet of the dry soup. Pour a little olive oil in skillet & "fry" til done. It's delicious and tastes like real fried chicken!! One packet did a 1lb pkg of chicken.
Love this!
by SYD on 8/18/2016
Great lunch if I don't have time to prepare something. So quick and I can put it in a coffee thermos. Tastes like chicken noodle soup without the noodles!
BariWise Cream of Chicken Soup
by LARS on 1/13/2017
The taste is very good. Nice and creamy. No overpowering spices. Sits well on the stomach. It is for a light hunger. BariWise is a good value for the money, especially when you get it on sale. I recommend it.
Great protein soup
by Anne on 2/16/2017
I mix in a small amount of canned fat free cream of chicken soup and really love it. High protein cream of chicken soup. Almost too good to be true.
by Susan on 3/16/2017
This cream of chicken soup is tasty, not too salty, no grit, and mixes easily with the hot water. Really impressed. This has 15g protein and is nice and light. If you love savory soup for a cold spring night, this is for you!
Great cream of chicken soup
by Kim on 2/17/2018
I love the cream of chicken flavor. I have it every day. I only add a bit of curry powder. Seems to dissolve best if I add about half of the recommended amount of boiling water and mix. After sitting a couple of minutes I add the rest of the water and mix well. Yummy.
I will keep buying this product
by Wendy on 5/24/2018
This is a great soup. Very satisfying
Good Soup, hits the spot.
by Anne on 6/29/2018
I like this soup. I have been eating it for a long time. It tastes good considering the low fat and low calorie, high protein recipe. One of the better products for me.
by stephabo on 5/25/2019
I love all of the soups. Cream of Chicken is so good I can't tell it's not the real thing plus you get protein and low carbs to boot.
I order this soup again as soon as I have a few left
by Barigirl on 9/5/2019
Have been using this and other Bari Wise products for 1 year, very satisfied
So happy to have a these as soup bases for other preparations!!
by Jash on 3/13/2010
I purchased the Chicken and Beef Broths.

I must say they are quiet tasty alone. Not too salty or bland. The whey protein isolate did settle out of the hot broth to the bottom of my glass mug BUT a quick swirl before my next sip nicely fixed that little deviation!

The true beauty of this product is it's use as a base for other soups and chowders.

I made Italian minestrone, french onion, chicken vegetable and so many other hi pro, low fat and carb homemade soups that I've got a little recipe file going.

Yep! I'm a happy diet camper this winter!

Thanks DietDirect!
Chicken with Pasta
by JBreaux on 10/10/2010
The Chicken with Pasta soup is great. If you feel it's a little salty, just add an oz more of water.
Okay, but Tomato is best
by TrixieinDixie on 12/4/2010
I have tried the chicken and beef bouillons and the tomato, which is actually a bouillon as well. The chicken and beef are odd - the flavor isn't bad, but the texture is oddly gritty and never quite mixed for me. The tomato is my favorite and I have reordered it. It's very much a bouillon, and the flavor is a strong tomato without any weird protein taste.
Beef (Bad) | Chicken (Good)
by Tricia on 8/30/2012
I love the chicken bouillon however. It is fantastic on a cold day - I just drink it out of a mug!

I didn't care for the BEEF bouillon flavor - it was extremely salty.
Beef Boullion is great!
by Frank on 2/28/2008
The Beef Boullion is great! Very good taste and easy to make I add a few frozen vegetables to the cup such as spinach or brussels sprouts, sometimes fresh vegetables as well. The Chicken I find has a grainy texture from the soy, while okay for taste, visually a bit distracting.

great mushroom soup
by Renee on 12/28/2009
I have tried the chicken with pasta, beef with pasta and cream of mushroom. I did not care for the chicken or beef, but the cream of mushroom was excellent! Sometimes I add extra mushrooms (canned or fresh that have been cooked) or even a few frozen peas! I always add black pepper too. I prefer Bariwise mushroom to Protidiet's mushroom because it is not as thick and gooey and has the same amount of protein but fewer calories and the overall taste is much better!
Love it
by David on 6/19/2011
I love this stuff. I like the chicken noodle, Tomato..and I hope to try more. Truly filling cup of soup. Only takes 90 seconds in the microwave. I just put it in a cut and drink it from the cup. Easy...fast. Love it.
Pretty good
by CCod4600 on 9/27/2011
This soup is pretty good, a little artificial tasting, but not bad. It is not as filling as I would have liked, but still good.
BariWise Soups
by William on 1/27/2012
I enjoy the chicken with noodles and the bouillon. I did not enjoy the 'cream of' soups. They were not as tasty or satisfying. The BariWise soups are perfect for a quick lunch or dinner and are filling and satisfying. I have recommended these soups to friends.
Hot soup was very filling
by glo on 9/13/2012
I enjoyed the chicken with pasta, beef with pasta and the cream of chicken. I will definitely order all of them again and again!
Pretty good for High Protein Soup
by Terri on 3/24/2013
This was a life saver during my 2 week liver reduction diet and even now right after surgery. I was so tired of all those cold Protein drinks. This was nice and warm. Of course it's not like cream of chicken out of the can, but it will definitely get you through the tough spots, and you'll be glad to have it!
Delish and filling
by Cheryl on 5/19/2014
Love this soup for a low cal filling option taste great doesn't mix so well u really have to whisk it to incorporate the power and lumps once u get this down ur good to go highly recommend this flavor!
Cream Of Chicken Soup
by Jerrilynn on 2/2/2015
I ordered the Bariwise soup assortment last week. Just tried the Cream Of Chicken for the first time this morning and must admit that it's tastier than I was expecting. It's a little gritty, but it's not bad at all & was a nice change from cold protein drinks. I will be getting a box of this on my next order.
Almost perfect!
by Pamela on 5/12/2015
The cream of chicken soup wasn't horribly bad but did need a sprinkle of pepper and a teeny bit of chicken flavored granules to make it actually resemble a true "chicken" flavor. All in all though, it wasn't bad. Definitely a change up from the cold drinks and when actually filled me up more I think.
Okay tasting Soup
by Andrea on 7/13/2015
I wish there were a 3.5 stars but I rounded it up to 4. This is an okay protein soup. The taste is palatable and the plus is that it's filling. It's also very easy to prepare. You won't go wrong with this soup!
Good snack
by Charles on 9/11/2015
Good for a warm snack.
by barbara on 1/19/2017
Will keep buying it
by Wendy on 5/24/2018
Was a bit gritty but you cN add salt and pepper and it’s better tasting
Not too bad
by NancyAnne on 6/19/2008
The tomato soup could be worse. It tastes a bit burnt, but is edible and good for a change from the shakes.

BariWise Tomato Soup
by Evelyn on 2/23/2008
The BariWise Tomato Soup was actually very easy to get down. A decent flavour. I ordered more so enough said.

by sduncan on 6/10/2011
It's ok but nothing to write home about. It tastes like any other chicken soup, just with a bit of the protein aftertaste. Not bad, but not great either. Doable.
Pretty good mushroom soup!
by Trishie on 10/16/2012
I bought the Cream of Mushroom, Cream of Chicken, and Cream of Broccoli.

The Cream of Broccoli I could not get through. The more water I added, the more it soaked it up. It was slimy and tasteless and as other people have pointed out, grainy.

The Cream of Chicken is better but needs a little bouillon to boost the flavor.

Out of the three, the Cream of Mushroom is the best tasting for a diet soup. Cream of Mushroom is my favorite soup and I am very picky about it so that is saying something. Very satisfying, although I would make it a little creamier by adding a touch more cream (if that is allowed on your diet) and a little more seasoning.
its doable
by Carole on 5/14/2013
After throwing the cream of tomato away, I had to try this chicken soup. It was better consistency and better tasting for sure and managed to finish the whole bowl. Not great tasting but not bad either.
by Donna on 7/16/2013
The taste is so much better than a previous brand. Could maybe be a little thicker.
Not the best taste
by Theresa on 10/22/2017
I tried this brand and the one from ProtiDiet. This one lacks flavor, and even after I added some chicken broth to it, wasn't much better. The ProtiDiet one is much better.

Hi Theresa, thank you for your feedback. We completely understand your concern regarding the BariWise Cream of Chicken Soup and apologize for the trouble. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you, and we appreciate your business.
by Vicky on 2/15/2018
Very chalky not to tasty

Hello Vicky,
Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear you did not care for the BariWise Cream of Chicken Soup, but you are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
Cream of Broccoli
by rmock on 1/3/2010
The cream of Broccolli Soup would be good but getting all of it to mix up is a challenge ate what I could just did not mix well.
by MPO on 3/22/2012
BARIWISE Broccoli soup is very gritty - broccoli specs that is in the soup are fine - but why is the soup so gritty? Like sand.
Filling but unappealing
by VT on 5/26/2012
I really should have read the reviews for the cream of broccoli because they were right! Its very gritty no matter if you mix before or after. Its very filling but the look and texture needs revamping.
Not what I expected
by Krissy on 5/1/2012
These soups had me excited when I had first ordered them, but once I tried them, I was very disappointed. The broccoli cheese soup taste was very wrong, didnt even taste like broccoli. The chicken soup was okay, but no flavor. I wish they would have had more flavor.
Funny taste
by Helen on 9/18/2014
This soup has a funny taste to it. I did not care for the taste. ProtiDiet was a lot better tasting.
Not easy to drink as a soup.
by Patricia on 4/3/2016
To chalky when mixed. Not easy to drink as a soup. Had to mix with other liquid to got the chalkness out of it.
by Sarah on 12/5/2019
Tastes ok but doesn’t mix completely. Stays grittiesh

Hello Sarah,
Thank you for your feedback. We are very sorry to hear you did not care for our BariWise Cream of Chicken Soup. We would suggest adding half of the listed water, mixing, then adding the remainder. If prepared that way you should have well mixed soup.

You are welcome to return or exchange any items you are not happy with within 60 days of purchase. You will be contacted by one of our Customer Loyalty Specialist within 24 hours for a resolution. Please know your complete satisfaction is important to us. Thank you and we appreciate your business.
by videohoppy on 4/27/2010
The protein doesn't mix & it has the consistency of powder floating in liquid. You cannot get it to dissolve. This is the first soup I really do not like. i will never order this brand again.
Very disappointing
by Denise on 1/26/2011
I LOVE Diet Direct and all of their products, but was most disappointed in the Cream of Broccoli soup. It is more foamy than creamy and leaves an oil slick type sensation in your mouth. The actual flavor is very bland. BUT - if you are dying for some cream of broccoli, this would be a better choice over none. Just not my fave.
Cream of Broccolli Soup is Gross
by Pud on 2/1/2011
Unfortunately, I thought this soup would be like the Wonderslim brands of soup, but it wasn't. I gagged on this. Threw the two boxes of this that I bought in the trash. Gross.
by on 3/20/2011
Protein would not mix - very gritty. I'll never order this one again.
Cream of Broccoli
by Barry A. on 5/14/2011
Not my first choice and definitely not the best. The ingredients do not completely mix well. I even tried adding more water and that still did not do the trick. The taste is very bland but not unbearable. If your truly in the mood for a Cream of Broccoli soup this is an ok choice. I would go with another option if you have it on hand though.
So gross!
by Aundrea on 4/9/2012
This is NOT soup! It was cornstarch with dehydrated broccoli leaves.

It was lumpy even when I whisked it. Made me sick. I HATE this stuff ! What a waste!
Broccoli is horrible
by inkdink on 8/14/2012
The broccoli soup always has hard pieces of broccoli. I tried hotter water in the soup ( I usually do 1 min 50 sec) and that was a real mistake. It was slime and I had to throw it out. The mushroom has an unpleasant taste. The cream of chicken is OK but not good. The taste is odd. The tomato is excellent. The chicken with pasta is good just make sure you let it steep for 5 minutes so the pasta softens if you are using hot water method. But back to the drawing board with the broccoli.
Cream of broccoli is nasty
by Tess on 2/19/2008
The cream of broccoli was truly nasty. It had a nasty gluelike consistency and barely a hint of broccoli flavor. Plus, if you put down your bowl for more than a minute, the soup 'sets up' like wallpaper paste!

Cream of Broccoli
by crickett on 1/14/2009
The cream of broccoli was horrible. I couldn't eat it. I do not recommend this flavor! It tasted like flour paste with green flakes!
Not good
by Marty on 1/15/2009
The Cream of Mushroom was not that good. I tried 2 packs & both of them came out REALLY lumpy & powdery. Alot of it would not desolve no matter how warm or hot the water was. I would not recommend this or order it again.
Wasted Money on Cream of Broccoli
by Yogisnort on 10/21/2009
Already disappointed with the Chicken Boullion, I braved the Cream of Broccoli anyway. It never fully dissolved even though I shook it as well as stirred it, and when I heated it in the microwave per directions, it got all foamy and was slimy on my tongue. Will not buy again or try other flavors either.
I did not like the Cream of Broccoli
by V. Cooke on 8/30/2012
This soup was nasty. It didn't taste at all like Cream of Broccoli soup.
Cream of tomato soup
by Traecy on 8/30/2012
The cream of tomato soup was very disappointing. It had a weird color and equally weird texture and taste. Very "grainy ". Not smooth at all. Im really glad I only bought one box.
Cream of Broccoli is poor in taste and texture
by Pamela on 11/6/2012
The Cream of Broccoli is hard to dissolve, leaving a grainy, slimy texture. Made it twice, thinking I didn't prepare it right the first time but it is just a poor quality soup.
Very Grainy
by Mary Jo on 2/16/2013
Not much taste, but very grainy, unlike soup