Choklat Protein Bar Milk Chocolate (12 ct) - Power Crunch

A solid chocolate protein bar that absolutely delivers on taste and texture. Power Crunch Choklat Protein Bars with proto whey protein chips, is a delicious, crispy Belgian chocolate protein bar.

12 Bars
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Power Crunch Choklat Protein Bars
(1.5 oz. Bar)

Power Crunch Choklat Protein Bars are a delicious way to satisfy your desire for chocolate and your need for protein. A sweet crunchy treat with proto whey protein, there are no empty calories here! Power Crunch Choklat Protein Bars are full of crunchy proto whey protein chips surrounded in fine luxurious Belgian Chocolate. You won't believe how good these taste.

Key features of the Power Crunch Choklat Protein Bars:

  • High Protein - 10 grams of protein per bar
  • High quality Belgian chocolate
  • 4 Years in the making
  • Micro Peptides
  • Proto Whey Protein Crisps

Power Crunch Choklat Protein Bars have been four years in the making and includes Proto Whey, described as a revolutionary new form of dietary protein that enhances protein delivery. It's Micro Peptides are designed exactly to human specifications for maximum metabolic response (dieting, muscle repair and growth, energy and immune support). Choklat does not contain any sugar alcohols.

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Open package and enjoy!

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chocolate lovers dream
by Jeanelle on 6/13/2013

I purchased a couple of these but I didn't have high expectations because chocolate never seems to taste good in "diet" products. These satisfy my craving for chocolate and remind me of Nestle crunch bars.

Power Crunch Bar
by CO Mom on 8/14/2012

Super yummy for a dark chocolate fix!

Perfect candy snack with protien!
by SIVB on 3/9/2012

Awesome candy, although I was very surprised at the flavor, I was expecting an after taste, but nothing, just like a candy bar. They do sell these at Hyvee grocery store at the same price, so I will get from there if I need a chocolate hit!

by MJG on 2/12/2012

I love these. They are wonderful. But leave them alone. LOL. Just kidding. I will share. LOL.

Love these!
by Carla on 10/16/2011

I really love these candy bars! Tastes like a Nestle's Crunch and much healthier.

Customer Reviews

Review Rating

9 Reviews
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  2. 2

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